He finds his stolen car thanks to his wireless headphones




Technology can be useful in times of trouble. In the United States, a man managed to find his stolen vehicle thanks to his wireless and connected headphones, which he tracked from his smartphone.

Thieves will have to redouble their cunning in the face of connected objects. Watch, wireless earphones… These smart everyday accessories can sometimes be very useful in the event of a problem. A recent news item, which occurred in early January in the United States and reported by the site of the American television channel KSAT, confirms this.

The stolen car and the wireless headphones

Driving out of his house to go to the gym, Dawayne Arrington, resident of San Antonio, Texas, notices that his car is no longer parked in its parking space and that the van he uses for his job was fractured.

The man also notices that he no longer has his AirPods, wireless headphones from the American giant Apple: they remained in his car. This is where technology comes in: thanks to a geolocation application, he manages to locate them, about 30 kilometers from his home.

An application to know the position of connected devices

This application is called “Locate” and it is offered by Apple. The tool allows you to know the position of all the devices of the apple brand. For example, if you have misplaced your phone, you can locate it from your computer. Same thing for you AirPods, for example from your phone. You can also share your location.

The American was not afraid, even if what he did is clearly not recommended: he decided to track his headphones.

His smartphone led him to his vehicle, in which five people, probably the thieves, were sleeping. He decided to call the police. But people spotted him and fled. Dawayne Arrington managed to catch one. The police intervened and arrested a total of four of the five suspects.

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