Microsoft adds artificial intelligence to Office which would be generated from a few keywords$29 billion?


 Microsoft is currently working to integrate ChatGPT artificial intelligence into its Office suite. This feature could radically change the way of writing documents, which would be generated from a few keywords.

Definitely, OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot continues to be talked about. A small revolution in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), this model based on GPT-3 is stunning in its ability to handle natural language. So much so that Microsoft wants to integrate it into its products

The first to benefit will be Bing. According to Bloomberg, the firm has been working for months to integrate it into its search engine, and could launch this new version as early as March. The goal would be to offer more relevant results with a style more conversational in order to better compete with Google. However, the chatbot has a tendency to provide incorrect responses, an issue that Microsoft will need to address first.

An investment of ten billion dollars

Microsoft then plans to go much further and integrate ChatGPT into Office software, according to The Information. Thanks to its natural language skills, the AI ​​could assist users in Word by suggesting the use of other words, or even other turns of phrase. ChatGPT could even write entire documents or rewrite texts for clarity. In Outlook, he could write replies, and assist the user when searching for a message in his inbox, without having to provide a specific keyword. The AI ​​could even learn the user's writing style in order to reproduce it in the generated texts.

Microsoft had already invested a billion dollars in OpenAI in 2019. According to Bloomberg, the Redmond giant has decided to invest another 10 billion dollars spread over several years. OpenAI, which is currently working on GPT-4, the successor to GPT-3 that could be released in 2024, could then be worth $29 billion.


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