Google's Enchantment Beta is here, but it's mailing your message to Google



Google's Enchantment Beta is here, but it's mailing your message to Google
Google's Enchantment Beta is here, but it's mailing your message to Google

Google has finally started rolling out a beta version of Magic Compose, its new messaging feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you text. However, as Android Police points out, the feature comes with a big caveat: it sends up to "20 previous messages" to Google's servers to generate suggestions — even if you're using a device with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). ) from RCS.

Google explains the terms on its Magic Compose support page, stating that these messages, along with any embed emojis, reactions, and URLs, will be sent to its servers to help its AI respond appropriately. The company added that it does not send messages containing attachments, audio messages, and images, but indicated that "translations and audio recordings can be sent by voice mail."

Magic Compose is an experimental feature within the Messages by Google app. With Google’s generative AI technology, Magic Compose crafts stylized, suggested responses with the context of your messages.

Messages by Google Magic Compose

Google first rolled out E2EE in the app in 2020 and made it available for group chats late last year. If you enable this feature, third parties (even Google) can see your messages. When using Magic Compose with E2EE to send your messages to Google's servers, the company claims it still can't actually read them.

Google spokesperson Justin Rende further explained to The Verge that "conversation data used by Magic Compose is not saved" and that "suggested response output is not saved once provided to the user." When Magic Compose is disabled, Google will no longer send your messages to its servers.

Magic Compose is just one of many AI features Google unveiled at its I/O event earlier this month. According to Google, you can use the feature to reply to text messages, "providing suggested replies stylized within the context of your message." This feature is currently rolling out to users in the Google Messages beta program.

If you have access to the feature, chat bubbles will appear next to the app's message generator. From there, you can select a suggested response and then rewrite the text using a variety of preset styles, such as "relaxed," "excited," or "Shakespearean." The feature currently appears to only work with RCS messaging, and there is no information on when SMS/MMS will be supported.

Microsoft is also introducing a similar feature in its SwiftKey keyboard app. This lets you select the Bing icon in the app toolbar to compose text messages and emails, and change the tone, format, and length of suggested messages.

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