Samsung is working with all its energy on the new king Galaxy S24 ultra


Samsung is expected to launch its flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra with new battery technology borrowed from the electric car industry. According to a report from The Elec, the South Korean tech giant will integrate technology used in electric vehicles like the Audi EV to extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It was previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a faster GPU than the iPhone 15.

Samsung is working with all its energy on the new king Galaxy S24 ultra


Samsung Galaxy S24 Super Battery

According to the report, Samsung's battery research and development team, SDI, is researching laminated batteries for the smartphone business. It is worth noting that this technology does not change the chemical composition of the battery, but optimizes the arrangement of the cells to achieve high energy density and high capacity in the same volume. Audi's Q8 e-tron uses the same technology to fit a 114 kWh battery into the vehicle.

There are rumors that two Chinese battery brands will make stacked devices for Samsung. It is also reported that the two brands are opening offices in South Korea to more effectively connect with Samsung SDI. Shenzhen Yinghe Technology, one of the two partners, has handed over its stacking tools to Samsung SDI after starting a pilot line for the new production process at a factory in Tianjin.

Additionally, the smartphone is also expected to come with a new camera setup. According to reports, the company will drop one camera from the device, which could be a 3x telephoto lens. This reduces the camera sensors to three. Tipster Ice Universe believes that Samsung may "blend" the telephoto lens into the periscope lens to provide a decent level of zoom.

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 Samsung is working with all its energy on the new king Galaxy S24 ultra

The mobile is a SD8 Gen3 processor  or a storage space that reaches

   2 TB Dynamic Amoled screen updated 144HZ The main camera with 200MP accuracy, satellite communication, IR satellite Message🛰, a 5000MA battery, news that the charger will be 90W

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