What do you think of the Money Concepts in Little Women?



Netflix's popular Korean drama Little Women is starred by Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Chi Hoo. It tells the story of the three sisters who grew up in a poor family. When they encountered the coercion of a bunch of money and power, they each had different ideas and choices. In addition, behind all of this there are terrifying murder motives and a huge dark force. The realistic and cruel sentences in the play also move the hearts of the audience. I have sorted out the sobering sentences of Little Women, let's view them together!

"I want to buy things that don't have to worry about money, that's useless, little and trivial things." Many people regard "wealth freedom" as a goal in their life. But for the rich, this is their right from birth. In the play, when Oh In-ju accidentally got a large amount of money, she didn't know what to do with the money for a moment, and she was even a little scared. To her, being rich is about shopping as they please, buying things that are unremarkable and useless.

"Some poverty makes people fall, and some poverty makes people strong." You can't choose what kind of family you are born in, and what kind of family you will be in, but you can decide what kind of mentality you use to face life. The three sisters in the drama are in the same situation but have completely different attitudes towards money and life. This is their own choice and their insistence on different values.

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