Causes of Charger Overheating Problems While Charging a Phone


If you've ever noticed that your iPhone or Android charger is too hot or too warm for you to touch it, you may have wondered why the charger gets hot in the first place, and whether it's a cause for concern.

Causes of Charger Overheating Problems While Charging a Phone
 Causes of Charger Overheating Problems While Charging a Phone

First, it's important to note that it's normal for electronic devices to generate high levels of heat. However, in the case of chargers, that's mostly because their primary function is to convert the AC (alternating current) from the wall outlet to DC (direct current) in your phone. In this process, the charger uses an electronic component called a "transformer." This is the first thing you see when trying to disassemble the charger. This component increases or decreases the AC voltage of the power supply, which generates heat during power conversion. In addition, other processes such as current ripple occur during charging. In short: the more power a charger transmits, the hotter it will be.

Based on the above points, under normal circumstances, it is normal for the mobile phone charger to generate heat after charging in the power-off state. However, if it doesn't warm up for more than a few moments and becomes too hot to touch, there may be a problem.

If the charger is too hot to touch, this indicates a serious problem, possibly due to poor build quality or a faulty outlet. In case something goes wrong, the charger, especially a good one, should have built-in protection circuitry that cuts off the current in the event of a failure. However, if this is not the case and the charger becomes too hot, unplug it immediately and inspect the charging contacts for scratches or dirt.

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Also, check that the charging port on your phone and the USB port on your charger are clean. If this is the case, try again and monitor the temperature of the charger. If you feel like it's getting hot again, try another cable that didn't come with the charger to make sure the problem isn't the cable itself. In some cases it may not be possible to try a different cable, which we explain below.

Reasons why the charger overheats during use:

Reasons why the charger overheats during use:
Reasons why the charger overheats during use:

There are various practices and factors that can cause the charger to heat up during use. Let's look at the most important:

  1. Long-term phone charging: Many of us keep our phones charging overnight in the hopes of having a completely charged phone the following day. Even though it can seem like a practical notion, doing so over time might damage both the phone and the charger. Even a tiny quantity of power is consumed when the charger is left plugged in overnight, which increases heat production and may harm the charger.

  2. Using fast charging technology: Compared to standard chargers, fast chargers can convert higher amounts of AC electricity to DC. Fast charging raises the temperature of the charger over the typical range since chargers naturally produce heat throughout the charging process, especially if used repeatedly throughout the day.

  3. Using low-quality chargers: Chargers that do not correspond to safety regulations or are of low quality might cause overheating. When using these chargers, you run the risk of potential injury. One issue that arises frequently today is the sale of fake and subpar electrical devices, including wired and wireless chargers, by merchants on e-commerce sites like Amazon and AliExpress. You are entitled to a refund if it is broken; therefore, you should buy a replacement charger. Such losses are covered by warranties at companies like Apple and Samsung.

When does charger overheating turn into a problem?

If any of the following symptoms appear, stop using the charger or cable right away and get a new one. Contact the warranty company if at all feasible to ask for a replacement or repair. Don't forget to

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