14 Incredible Google Tools Hidden In The Search Engine


14 Incredible Google Tools Hidden In The Search Engine
14 Incredible Google Tools Hidden In The Search Engine

Google's ultra-simple search bar contains totally unknown and very useful services, such as a coin to flip a coin, mathematical function curves or an Internet speed test. Just enter the right keyword to access one of these Google tools.

1- Google Flights: This tool can help find affordable flights using various filters.

2- Google Fonts: It offers a selection of free fonts for your website or design.

3- Google Books: It lets you search, preview or read full-length books available online.

4- Google News Archive: This tool has archives going back over 100 years, allowing you to explore newspaper articles.

5- Google Scholar: It provides access to academic journals, articles, conference papers and more.
6- Google Trends: See what's trending in search and compare changes in search patterns over time.
7- Google Public Data Explorer: This lets you explore large datasets, including GDP figures by country, population stats and others.
8- Google Timezone: It lets you see the current time in different time zones.
9- Google Translate: Translate text or websites between languages.
10- Google Patents: It makes it easy to search and review patents filed by inventors and companies.
11- Google Earth and Google Maps: These tools let you find your way around the world, see satellite images, 3D maps, street views and more.
12- Google Keep: It offers an easy way to create notes, checklists, and reminders.
13- Google Photos: It lets you store, organize and share your photos and videos.
14- Google Lens: It allows you to search by taking a picture of an object or text.

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