Microsoft wants to revolutionize the Windows 11 (then Windows 12) experience with AI

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Just over a year after the launch of Windows 11, it is clear that the operating system does not meet the same enthusiasm as its predecessor. However, the giant Microsoft seems from the start to place great hopes in its youngest, even to the point of having outright described it as “the first chapter of a new Windows era”…
A few days ago, Microsoft deployed an AI capable of imitating your voice. And one thing is certain, the American firm seems far from done with artificial intelligence!

Windows: Microsoft charmed by artificial intelligence?

In the space of a few months, artificial intelligence has taken a considerable place in the various sectors (technological, artistic, etc.). And if the subject has recently been on everyone's lips, it has been at the heart of the concerns of a large number of companies for several years now. Panos Panay, who is none other than the executive vice-president and chief product officer at Microsoft, made some very interesting remarks on this subject during AMD's opening conference at CES 2023. This one mentioned in particular the many advances made in technology and artificial intelligence in recent months.
  • Here's what he said: “AI is the defining technology of our time, it's unlike anything I've seen before. It's transforming industries, it's improving our daily lives in so many ways – some you see, some you don't – and we're at an inflection point right now. Computing is getting smarter and more personal, and it's all done by harnessing the power of AI. »
With AI, Microsoft intends to revolutionize the Windows experience
It's an open secret, Microsoft is currently working on the development of its future operating system. If Windows 11 still has a little time before it has to pass the torch (and could therefore benefit from the firm's future work in artificial intelligence), it is above all Windows 12 which should benefit left. Panos Panay has also openly addressed Microsoft's vision by expressing how it intended to integrate AI into its future OS. Discover his remarks reported by our colleagues from Neowin:
“AI will reinvent the way you do everything on Windows, literally. Like those big generative models, think about language models, code generation models, image models; these patterns are so powerful, so enjoyable, so useful, so personal. But they're also very computationally intensive, so we've never been able to do that before. We've never seen these intense workloads at this scale before, and they're here. It's going to take an operating system that blurs the boundaries of the cloud, and that's what we're doing right now. »
These are particularly interesting statements. As a reminder, Microsoft could deploy Windows 12 as early as the end of next year. It is therefore a safe bet that the firm will soon give us a first glimpse of its ambitions regarding the integration of AI within the Windows ecosystem.

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