How To Sell Anything To Anyone! Part 1+2


How To Sell Anything To Anyone! Part 1+2

Part1 : 10 Secrets You Should Know About Sales Part 2 


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“The Selling Secrets Of One OfThe World’s Greatest Salesman -Joe Girard!”

One of the very first books that I ever read on selling, and the one I come back to time and time again to re-read, is the incredible “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” by Joe Girard.
Originally published in 1977, this book tells the story of how Joe got into car sales in the early 1960’s because he desperately needed money to feed his family and details the steps he took to sell 13,001 cars at retail in his fifteen year career from 1963 – 1977.
In 1963, his first year of sales, Joe sold 267 cars which would be an incredible accomplishment even today.
 In his fourth year in business, he sold 614 cars and trucks (still all retail – no wholesale group buys for Joe!) which earned him the title of “number one retail car and truck salesman in the world”, a title he held until he retired from car sales in 1977.
Here’s how this report can help you to grow your business and make more money no matter what kind of product or service you’re selling.
I love this book and would highly recommend you buy and read through your own copy, but I know so many people are pressed for time these days I decided to summarize some of the best ideas in this book so that you can benefit from them as I have.
Whether you sell cars, real estate, professional services or if you’re a doctor, dentist or chiropractor etc... this short report contains ideas 

How To Sell Anything To Anyone4that can help you do more business and make more money if you’ll only try and test some of them out.
I’ve written this because I believe it will help the business community at large and for those that would like help implementing some of the ideas presented here I welcome you to contact me to see if I can be of assistance to you.
Now, before I jump into sharing some of Joe’s excellent advice with you here, I need to mention three things that will help you in all of your marketing efforts.

ONE -  You should always know how much it costs you to get a new customer.

The majority of business owners I speak with don’t have any idea how much they really spend on marketing their business and they don’t know just how much a new customer, patient or client costs them.
This information is crucial however, because once you know what a new customer costs you, you can look for ways to lower your costs and increase your income.
To determine your cost to get a new customer is pretty easy.
 Just take a look at how much you spend on marketing for a year and divide that amount by how many new customers you gained.
If you spend $10,000 marketing your business for example and that gets you 100 new customers – then you know that each new customer cost you $100.
Once you know your current cost of a new customer, you can then try different ways to minimize the cost which will increase your income.

TWO - You should always know the lifetime value of a new customer.

When looking for ways to get new customers, you must look beyond the value of just your initial sale to them and consider what they’re worth to you over the lifetime that they do business with you.
You may have to take a guess here if you’re just starting your business, but if you’ve been in business for some length of time you should be able to take a look at your client list and get a rough idea of how long someone continues to do business with you and how much they spend during that time.
This number will vary depending on the business you’re in, but let’s say you’re a chiropractor and your typical patient stays with you for five years and spends $1000 a year with you.
This gives you a lifetime value of $5000 per patient, and knowing this number can be real handy when trying to develop new marketing methods for your business.

THREE – You must always test and measure your results.

Your primary goal in business should be to get as many new customers as you can for the lowest possible cost, while of course continuing to sell to your existing customers.
Once you know things like the lifetime value of a customer and how much it currently costs you to get a new customer, you can then test different marketing ideas to see which brings you the most “bang for the buck.
”You can often see dramatic gains in your business by increasing your marketing results just a few percent in one area, but you’ll never 

know which efforts are paying off unless you have ways to test and measure your results.
For example, let’s say you currently have a newspaper advertisement that costs $500 and every time it’s run, you gain 5 new customers.
That means each customer costs you $100.
The next time you run the ad, consider changing the headline you use or the offer you make (change only one thing at a time so you know what’s responsible for your results) and have the newspaper do a split test so ½ of their readers see your existing ad, and the other ½see the new advertisement.
In your ad you can have a special “dept number”, “priority code” or phone “extension” that’s unique to that ad so you can track which advertisement brought you the most results.
Online it’s even easier to do small, inexpensive split tests like this and if you test often and track the results you get, you’ll soon know which marketing methods and offers you make bring you the most customers for the least investment.
Keeping these things in mind...let’s get going with secret number one!

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