There's a Witcher 3 hidden treat that requires 7 in-game a long time to uncover

There's a Witcher 3 hidden treat that requires 7 in-game a long time to uncover
There's a Witcher 3 hidden treat that requires 7 in-game a long time to uncover

 YouTuber xLetalis has been on the chase after a specific hidden goody in The Witcher 3 after mission originator Philipp Weber dropped a few clues about it. Weber had recently tweeted at xLetalis in light of a video he'd made about the person Vivienne, who is important for the Blood and Wine DLC, saying, "I wonder when they will observe Vivienne's last confidential". Fans found out about this "last confidential" and got some information about it during a foundation livestream recently, during which he said "it's on Skellige" and that it "goes significantly further" than they could anticipate.

After some hunting, xLetalis has tracked down the strange hidden treat. To make sense of what it is, I'll have to get into weighty spoiler domain for a specific journey in Blood and Wine called The Warble of a Smitten Knight, so you've been cautioned.

During this sidequest, Geralt explores a revile influencing a woman in-holding up named Vivienne de Tabris. The revile has logically been making her resemble a bird, explicitly an oriole, and she's depended on mysterious salves to mask the snout, claws, and quills spreading across her skin. There are several methods for restoring the revile, one of which includes moving it to an oriole egg, however this could bring about Vivienne's passing seven years down the line.

Assuming you proceed with it, the revile will be lifted and Vivienne will choose to utilize anything that time she has passed on to venture to the far corners of the planet. First she'll go to Novigrad, and from that point to Skellige. (In spite of the fact that she doesn't constantly finish that last advance since she should move into a room at Kaer Trolde's motel that Yennefer might be remaining in, depending where you're at in the fundamental mission.)

With assistance from The Witcher 3 control center orders, xLetalis moved Vivienne to Skellige then, at that point, accelerated time so seven entire years would pass in-game, and observed that Vivienne truly does for sure fall down and die as Geralt cautioned her. It's a little disappointing that gratitude to an issue with the material physical science, in xLetalis' playthrough she fell with her dress at a right point to her legs, and that she can in any case rehash her hello exchange from the floor, however it's perfect that there's any sort of circle back to such an intriguing situation.

Not to rain on the motorcade, but rather however xLetalis merits recognition for being the main English-talking hidden little goody tracker to find this, German-language site GameStar distributed a story referencing it back in 2020. Elena Schultz talked with several individuals from CD Projekt Red about mysteries and hidden treats, then, at that point, went hunting in view of the clues they dropped and tracked down exactly the same thing: assuming you sit tight for seven in-game years, you learn Vivienne truly bites the dust a characteristic passing. Essentially that is the manner by which my secondary school German deciphers, "Vivienne stirbt das wirklich eines natürlichen Todes!"

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